Stafford Fitness Centre can provide you with personal trainers to assist you in achieving your goals.

Sean Sexton
+ Master Trainer 34 Years Experience
+ Diet is Batman, Exercise is Robin
+ That’s what I stand for
+ I can help anyone
Join Sean’s inner circle A great additional service to help achieve your  total body transformation.


+ Donella Fitness and Personal Training 0408 879 690
+ Registed with Fitness Australia Personal training
+ Certified fit for life instructor
+ Certified advanced Padding/box/conditioning group trainer
+ Special interest and experience in the following:
Rehab – Training clients with Parkinson’s or similar conditions – Seniors, balance & coordination – boxing – Blue card approved children fitness.

I’m not about the matching lycra or the fake filtered selfie. Training with me is about being functionally fit and strong and comfortable in your own skin. Our mind and body is an amazing machine that can overcome life’s challenges, learn new skills and find new strengths. Please call or text me to find out more or to have a no obligation chat about your fitness goals. 🙂



Brendon M’tainsh
+21 Years of training experience
+ Self Defence,Boot Camp
+ Caveman Training
+ Nothing is to Difficult



Hunter Sam
+Professional Fighter & Trainer
+ Former heavy weight champion of Australia
+ Nothing is Impossible



+Boxing – Muay Thai – Self Defence
+Fitness – Flexibility – Fight Training
Martial Arts and Boxing are an energising way to exercise, gain confidence and learn new skills while you’re at it. Steven’s upbeat classes cater to everyone from beginners wanting a fun workout to experienced members interested in more advanced techniques. With over nine years of experience and multiple Muay Thai fights, Steven is ready and qualified to share his passion for Martial Arts with you. See you there!
+MAA certified coach +First Aid Certified +Blue card holder.